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Norman Chess Club (NCC) is an Oklahoma non-profit educational organization that maintains a formal program of instruction to teach the game of chess and to promote and support its educational program through community outreach and local partnerships to increase the awareness of the educational value of chess. We work closely with local chess association to offer weekly chess activities completely free of charge to families. In addition to provide a forum for the community to play chess games, the club also offers chess improvement classes, beginner classes and special lectures.

Chess has been proven to have an incredible number of benefits for kids. It teaches valuable lessons for developing students like problem solving, critical thinking, spatial awareness and goal setting. Through the game of chess, we hope to help kids succeed in the classroom and become productive members of society.

NCC is an affiliate of Oklahoma Chess Association (OCA), which is the United States Chess Federation State Chapter Affiliate for the state of Oklahoma.

Presidential Service Award -- Certifying Organization

PVSA The President's Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) is a volunteer awards program that recognizes volunteers for investing their time and talent to serve the community. The Award enables community organizations--as Certifying and Leadership Organizations--to amplify their gratitude by joining with the President of the United States to thank their most dedicated volunteers.

NCC is a certifying organization for the Presidential Service Award. Student volunteers completing service hours for this award must contact NCC office for processing. The volunteers completing the required service hours in NCC will be granted PVSA.

Z. Cao and R. Hoggard were granted the Presidential Service Award by PVSA headquarters in the past seasons. NCC continues to welcome the applications of student volunteers. Please contact NCC for more information.

NCC Weekly Meeting: School Year 2018-2019

NCC hosts weekly meeting every Wednesday night during the regular school year. K-8 chess players living in or close to Norman are welcome to join us.

St. Stephen's United Methodist Church

St. Stephen's United Methodist Church is the primary sponsor of Norman Chess Club. We sincerely appreciate the church providing a wonderful place for club activities.

Upcoming/Recent Tournaments (Selected)

Club Executive Board

  • Coaches: Zile Cao, Qing Cao, Ray Hoggard, Jerry Xing, Ryan Chen (Assist)
  • Presidents: Zile Cao, Qing Cao (Vice)
  • Treasurers: Lucas Nguyen, Li Huang
  • Event Coordinators: Tao Chen, Zhaowen Xing
  • Tournament Coordinators: Ye Guan, Xiao Huang

Contact Us

Should you have any questions about NCC or have interests to join us, please contact us at email: cao@normanchess.org

We appreciate your support to this non-profit educational program. Should you want to donate to our club, please make the check payable to Norman Chess Club. Mailing address: 4129 Pine Hill RD, Norman, OK 73072


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